Estonias bow visor was blown off

Here we present some of the background material to episode 11 on our Youtube channel Fokus Estonia. Feel free to use and republish but we appreciate if you mention the source.

Short summary material for the press with pictures:

Professor Ida Westerman, expert in metallurgy at NTNU presentation of metallurgical analyses done at the university:

Professor Ida Westermanns paper on findings:

Professor Ida Westermans Technical report 

Photogrametric 3 D scanning of Bow visor at Muskö Naval base:

You need to download the Meshlab2021 program from and it its free of charge.

This is one of our files where you can look at the visor from any angle and watch the damaged bottom plate:

Coming soon

The pressconference live-streamed by Estonian newspaper Postimes published by Youtube channel Mystery. Professor Ida Wästermans presentation starts at 18.30 :

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